The Bruce Trail Day 1: The beginning of a really, really, reaallllly long walk.

On February 2, 2019 we decided to do something we have been talking about for years: hike all 900 kms of the Bruce Trail.

We started in Queenston and it was quite tricky finding the cairn at the Southern terminus. We felt like we were on the Amazing Race trying to find, I would tell you where it is but that would ruin the fun  I will tell you to look for the white markers on the trees, once we found those it was easy to get our bearings.

The trail has a few noteable views and has a steep decline that leads down to a trail that leads behind a sub division and ends on the highway heading into Niagara on the lake. We turned around and headed back at this point, it was getting dark and we also took our new backpacks for a test drive full of gear so we can get some practice in before our upcoming back country camping trips this summer.

We are hoping to tackle 15k + next weekend.

Stay tuned!

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