The Bruce Trail Day 2: This will be fun…right???

On February 9th, 2019 we packed our backpacks, grabbed a coffee and hit the road to make the trek to where we left the trail the last time.

The weather was perfect for hiking, -9 but colder with the wind chill. Based off of our Bruce Trail map, what we read online and AllTrails, we estimated we had approximately 18 – 20 kms to cover from St Davids to Brock University.

This section had some cool cool frozen waterfalls where we stopped and had a small break. A few noteables along the way:

  • the foot bridge crossing over the QEW (particularly fun if you hate heights)
  • screaming tunnel (super spooky, read about it here)
  • a teepee
  • very cool place to have lunch about 10 kms in; a frozen pond area with some rock face cliffs surrounding it, had a fantastic lunch with a view & some hot coffee 🙂

We hiked beside the welland canals, for what seemed like an eternity and by this point it was starting to get chilly. We saw an old rusted car that someone forgot about near the water, we would love to know the story behind that if anyone knows it?

The rest of the walk was okay but lots of walking by the roads to get back on to the trails, down Glen Rd. towards Brock University and at this time it was getting dark and we had enough for the day and didn’t really want to hike on icy trails in the dark so we called an uber and took us to our vehicle which was parked at Short Hill Provincial park.

By the end of the day, we were both exhausted. Even though we were dressed properly and packed proper lunches and fuel, we still underestimated just how difficult some of the inclines are on the Escarpment, especially when carrying a fairly generously packed backpack

As it turns out, it was fun and we are looking forward to the next leg of the journey!


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