The Bruce Trail Day 6: Stair Master Edition

On March 23, 2019 we went back to Devils Punchbowl to finish where we left off the last time. We estimate that between Devils Punchbowl access and St Josephs hospital, we went up and down ~1500 stairs, close to 130 flights of stairs. That’s almost as tall as the CN tower stairs (1770), and that was sprinkled throughout a 21km, mostly uphill hike.

The Bruce Trail access is closed at Devils Punchbowl, which we didn’t know until we got there and definitely explains why we couldn’t find the way up the first time.We found a trail that led down to the Bruce which is off to the right when your walking from the parking lot towards the look out Platform. 

We found out why the trail was closed, the side trail was brutal but we came out to the stairs where we left off last time and it became the beginning of Bruce Trail: Stairmaster Edition.

Once you go down the stairs, it opens up and there’s a beautiful area with a stream straight up into Devils Punchbowl, the photos don’t do it justice. Weather was approx 2 degrees & warmed up to about 6 during the afternoon.

The next attraction we came to is Felker’s Falls which was pretty cool.  It was a very steep drop straight down to the bottom of the falls.  We walked around it and to the top of the falls where we decided to have our lunch. 

We found some really good graffiti work under the overpass. Next we hit the Red Hill Valley Trail and came across a very cool sitting area called “The Bear Meeting Place” which is a giant foot print made of rocks where you can sit, tell stories, relax & enjoy the view. Then, more stairs!

We had some really amazing views of the City of Hamilton ending at St. Joseph’s Garden Park where we turned to the concrete trails and walked 1.5 kms back to our vehicle parked at Mohawk College. 

And to end this story, we give you a gallery of some of the stairs we climbed. Enjoy.

Trail Cat & Elk Balls

7 thoughts on “The Bruce Trail Day 6: Stair Master Edition

  1. Guys!!!!! Well done!!!!
    I love when people take the time to show this type of detail.
    My compliments to The Coach, and his Manager!
    Thumbs up to TC and …Moose…something lol.

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  2. Great post with super pics to illustrate the “Stair Master”. The Hamilton area and environs are on our bucket list of spots to hit up along the Bruce Trail. It bit of a drive for us to get there, as we generally hike the Bruce in the Beaver Valley, Blue Mountains and Sydenham areas.

    Thanks for taking the time to post.

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