Bruce Trail Day 8: Tews Falls to Snake Road

In between spending time with family for Easter, we managed to find time to get back out on the Bruce Trail. We did a late afternoon rush to Tew’s Falls where we left off the last time and started hiking around 2:30pm so we didn’t cover as much ground as we usually do. 

At 41 meters high, Tews Falls is the tallest ribbon waterfall found in Hamilton, Ontario. Combined with the view from Dundas Peak it was a great way to start the hike! The trail got a bit rockier as we left the park and was a steady descent down the escarpment.

We made our way to Syndenham Lookout which also offered amazing views. The trail continues along the escarpment then passes through a small subdivision before passing through through the Royal Botanical Gardens, which we will have to go back and visit later in the spring/summer.

There were lots of great lookouts along this section of the trail with the most noteable being the lookout point directly above Borers Falls, a 15 meter ribbon waterfall. We were walking along, heard waterfalls and a very short side trail leads to the top of the falls.

The Trail crosses Borers Fall’s and leads to an observation platform on the other side. The trail is a bit rockier as you pass through Borers Falls, where finally our question answered: Where does the trail cross Highway 6? We would tell you how but half the fun is finding it:)

Once crossed, we came across an old Homestead from the 1800’s which there wasn’t much left but the shell, but you can just imagine all the history this place has, if only the walls could talk! One of the coolest things we learned on this section of the hike is that the white cedar trees growing on the escarpment can be up to 300 years old and some are over 1000 years old. The trail was really rocky for the next 4kms through Clappison’s Woods until we came out to our vehicle at Snake Rd. outside of Waterdown. 

Another 14.4 Km piece of the puzzle finished!

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